The Sacraments
Baptism -Takes away Original Sin and gives grace for the first time. It stamps us as Children of God and Members of His Church.

Confirmation - Gives us the Holy Spirit. The sacrament of confirmation makes us official witnesses - apostles to the State of Grace. With our new found enthusisam and determination we are able to share our faith with others.

Penance (Confession) - Penance allows us to share again in the life of God by putting grace back into our souls and gives us strength to avoid sin.

Holy Eucharist - The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ under the appearance of bread and wine.

Extreme Unction/Anointing of the Sick - Usually the last sacrament received. Often administered near the time of death to bring spiritual and even physical strength during an illness.

Holy Orders - Gives the power and right to be a priest.

Matrimony - Helps a man and woman obey God's Marriage Laws.


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