Having several reference links associated by way of this website for enhancement, the links below are selected as ongoing references rather
than recapitulations from other informative and noteworthy web sites.


Catholic Resources

(Eternal Word Television Network - Catholic Television Viewing)

*US Conference of Catholic Bishops
(The official governing body of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States)

*Fish Eaters
(The Whys and Hows of Traditional Catholicism)

*Kneelers - Prie Dieu
(Personal Home Kneelers)

(Daily Devotional)

*Mass Times
(National Directory of parishes featuring mass times and parish locators)

*New American Bible
(Explore Holy Scripture)

(The Holy See)

*Vatican Radio
(Broadcasting Station of the Holy See)



*Virtual Rosary
(The Rosary on line - Add the rosary to your desktop)

*Our Ladys Rosary Makers
(Rosary making and more)

*The Rosary Shop
(Rosary making – Chat Group - Very resourceful site)


Additional Resources

*My Utmost For His Highest
(Daily Devotional – A personal favorite)

*The Hunger Site
(Feed the Hungry)

*The Upper Room
(Daily Devotional)


Web Site Building

*Annabella's HTML Help

*Dynamic Drive

*Java Script Source

*Katie’s Gold Graphics

*Wise Old Man’s Help Pages


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