A Little pair of Rosary Beads,
As plain as plain can be.

But only God in Heaven knows,
How dear they are to me.

I have them always with me,
At every step I take.

At evening when I slumber,
At morn when I awake.

In bright and cloudy weather,
In sunshine or in rain.

In happiness or sorrow,
In pleasure or in pain.

It helps me in my struggle,
It reproves me when in sin.

Its look of gentle patience,
Rebukes the strife within.

In days of pain and anguish,
The greatest help I knew,

Was to hold my Rosary Beads
Until I calmer grew.

So when the time approaches
When I will have to die;

I hope my little Rosary Beads
Will close beside me lie.

That the Holy Name of Jesus
May be the last I say,

And Kissing my sweet Rosary Beads,
My soul may pass away.


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