The Advent Wreath

The first Sunday of Advent is November 29, 2020. Prepare for the coming of our Savior. Construct your advent wreath early so as not to neglect this four-week period of prayerful anticipation. On the first Sunday of Advent, sprinkle the wreath with holy water and bless it before the first purple candle is lit.



1.Purchase an advent wreath candleholder or gather several branches of evergreens to make your own. You should also have advent prayers.

2. You will need 3 Purple candles, 1 Pink candle, and 1 White candle. The White candle is the Christ candle to be lit on Christmas Eve until Epiphany.

3. Choose a flat surface.

4. If you are constructing your wreath, lay branches flat and make a circle.

5. Add pinecones and other symbols of Christmas if you wish. The wreath can be simple or ornate. Don't forget to bless your wreath.

6.Place four candles in the circle.

7. Light one candle on the first Advent Sunday, two candles on the second Advent Sunday, and so on. The candles are kept burning throughout the meal and then extinguished after the meal.(Replace candles and fresh greenery as needed.)
*It is permissible to light the advent candle of the week each day at meal time.

8. At midnight on Christmas Eve, the Advent wreath is replaced by a white "Christ Candle" that is suitably adorned.Continue burning the Christ Candle until Epiphany (The Twelfth Day of Christmas).


First Sunday in Advent - Light The First Candle
Color: Purple
Theme: The Prophecy Candle - The Candle of Hope
It reminds us of the prophets who foretold Christ's birth.

Second Sunday in Advent - Light The Second Candle
Color: Purple
Theme: The Bethlehem Candle - The Candle of Love
Symbolizes the Christ Child's cradle.

Third Sunday in Advent - Light The Third Candle on Gaudette Sunday
(Gaudette means "rejoice")
Color: Pink
Theme: The Shepherd's Candle - The Candle of Joy
The act of sharing Christ. Pink symbolizes the Advent Rose, a time to pause in this season to Rejoice in the Lord.

Fourth Sunday in Advent - Light The Fourth Candle
Color: Purple
Theme: The Angel's Candle - The Candle of Peace
The Final Coming

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - Light the Christ Candle (Continue to light until Epiphany)
Color: White
Theme: Christmas